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All good things which exist are the fruits of originality.

John Stuart Mill

Producing high-level safety through the creativity, competence and experience of our skilled technicians - it is this intellectual capital that forms the all-important bedrock of our company.


It is people that make the real difference. 


All of our main customers and clients, with whom we are also technical partners, are amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of Forklifts, Generators and Ex-apparatus, along with Integrators of Solar Power and UPS systems.


In seeking to expand their business into the sector of potentially explosive atmospheres, we develop together with them the best and most reliable Explosion-proof systems.


Through this collaboration, end-users have confidence in knowing that they are utilising machines, systems and apparatus designed with the highest level of safety and reliability, and specifically for their ATEX classified areas.

Carrelli industriali

ATEX and IECEx industrial machines

We convert ATEX and IECEx electric and diesel-powered industrial machines: Forklifts, lifting platforms, cranes, earthmoving machines, and any other machines driven by electric or diesel engines that are used in the following potentially explosive atmospheres


- flammable gases and vapours: Category 2G for Zone 1 and Category 3G for Zone 2 

- combustible dusts: 2D category for Zone 21 and 3D category for Zone 22

- tunnels and mines: Category M2


We also convert, in accordance with national regulations, these machines for use in environments with the presence of explosive materials, e.g. military depots, munitions factories or pyrotechnic materials.

Motori diesel

ATEX diesel engines

We convert diesel engines and provide complete power packs according to ATEX requirements.


These engines can be utilised for fire pumps, transfer pumps, generators, compressors, light towers, etc. 


Certified to Category 2G and 3G for use in potentially explosive atmospheres classified as Zone 1 and Zone 2 respectively. 


In addition to complying with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EC, the performance of all engines are also systematically ‘test bench’ checked.


Special versions are available for offshore platforms. 


On request, these units are also available for 2D and 3D Category, respectively for Zone 21 and Zone 22.

Gruppi elettrogeni

ATEX generator sets - "gen-sets"

We produce a standardised range of ATEX certified generator sets from 10 kva to 150 kva, designed for assembly in open frames, soundproof and Heli-transport racks.


Further customisations as per client specifications are also possible, e.g. for higher power outputs.

The use being typically for offshore platforms, pipelines, etc. as "Stand-by and Emergency Power".


Available as both Category 2G and 3G, Group IIA and IIB, for use respectively in areas classified as Zone 1 and Zone 2. 


Our generator sets are manufactured in accordance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EC and the performance of each group and its individual parts, such as engine, generator and electrical panel, are ‘test bench’ checked prior to delivery.

Apparecchi elettrici

ATEX and IECEx electrical apparatuses

We design and manufacture equipment and components for operation in critical environments and situations, installed in harsh, aggressive environments and subjected to continuous stress. 


Design and installation planning is also carried out for machines that are subjected to work that generates vibrations and with risk of mechanical shock, such as in offshore platforms, mines and

chemical-pharmaceutical plants. 


In situations where the environmental and usage conditions put increased strain on people and machines, then safety acquires an even greater value.


Safety of people is paramount, whilst still providing continuity to critical production processes where interruption or delay needs to be avoided.

Transpallet manuali

ATEX hand pallet trucks

If the requirement is for moving materials over relatively short distances in areas with potential explosive atmospheres, ATEX hand pallet trucks can be a convenient alternative to electric powered versions. 


We produce a wide range with different options, including capacities up to 3 tons, stainless steel frame and models with pantograph lift with manual or electric drive. 


All our ATEX hand pallet trucks are suitable for use in classified areas with presence of Group IIA/IIB Gas and combustible dusts.


We can supply suitable models for Group IIC hydrogen and acetylene, on request. 

We can also supply special versions suitable also for handling drums or products with special dimensions. 


Delivery lead times for standard versions are generally managed from an ‘in stock’ situation.

Piattaforme elevatrici

ATEX lift tables

In collaboration with one of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, we provide Scissors lift tables for use in Ex-hazardous areas. 


ATEX and/or IECEx Scissors lift tables can be used to safely lift and lower loads, e.g. for the operator or to power machines in production processes, on packaging systems or in painting booths.


The complete lift table, in addition to its components, i.e. hydraulic control unit, switchboard or control panel, comply with the ATEX Directive for use in environments with risk of explosion classified as Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 or Zone 22 for the presence of flammable gases and vapours and/or combustible dust.

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